Jack Tree and Sadie Shrub are the core and founder members of ‘Tribe of Mog’.

  • We fully support all things that reduce our footprint on the earth.
    Living in low impact dwellings.
  • Using Renewable energy sources.
  • Growing with love our own food using clean/organic methods based on permaculture and forest gardening.
  • We encourage foraging ‘wild’ foods and natural medicines taking only what we need.
  • Buying local produce ethically sourced and fairly traded.
  • Re-using, up & re-cycling everything possible, replacing what we ‘borrow’ from nature.
  • Remembering the natural rhythms and cycles of what we are and remaining connected to all that is.

    Jack Tree and Sadie Shrub are a couple of artists who promote environmental awareness and a connection to the natural world through education, character storytelling, art and ‘crafty’ fun.

Often with an inspired collective of other artists that join to collaborate on various projects and events now and in the future…

Tribe of Mog creative collaborations have included Creative Spaces at festivals and fairs with sculpture, labyrinth, performance ‘walkabout’ acts, live music and storytelling, an outdoor cinema tent, as well as an artists’ selling platform with a difference at specialist events and art fayres.