Costume Characters


Walkabout Bee educational performance with giant bumblebee and Keeper. Although a more education and awareness focused act, Buck Bumble keeps kids and adults amused with bee based quips and anecdotes while his keeper talks to folks promoting bee friendly practices and giving advice to any enthusiasts.

Previous clients include Glastonbury Festival, Big Green Gathering, Beautiful Days, Sunrise Celebration and Maker Events.


The dark lord has been overthrown and his minions are out of the forest and swamps seeking re-employment. The Twigling Trolls will beseech your guests into giving them a job to do. Although very enthusiastic, they tend to fumble and mess up so be prepared for things to be moved around as they try to be ‘helpful’.
Siblings grown from the same nut this pair differ in that one is taller and twiggier, the other squat and rotten.

Playing on the darker side of the natural world, Twigling Trolls may seem scary at first but generally their slapstick antics mark them out as being funny.

Previous clients include 3Wishes Faery events and Beautiful Days.