Jack Tree

Jack Tree was born within the fringes of old Sherwood Forest then raised in the heart of Kernow and now wanders a little… spending a lot of time in the company of trees living, working and climbing his way around the wild wood and living in hedges.

A self-taught whittling woodcarver inspired from the visible and invisible natural world.

Fascinated with the resplendent structure of trees and their unique natural growths. His work often takes the imagination through into the subconscious realms of primeval myths, folk tales and legends. Combining beautiful wood with other different natural materials such as Bone, Seed, Fossils, ceramic and stone, various Metals, Mirror, Glass, Crystals and Gems.

Carving sculptures. Shaping unique bowls and Mirrors following natures lines, sculpting surreal totem heads and Dryad masks reflecting different emotive states.

Producing beautiful individual OOAK jewellery pieces.

Specialised Walking sticks, staffs and ambulation aids often personalised to the individual. Apart from growing and carving chairs, Jack assembles distinct Rustic furniture.

Also creating OOAK cryptozoology Creatures, Often grotesque, odd and strangely beautiful. Writing stories, Curating and inventing different worlds called the ‘Faetopian Spheres’ for them to exist.

Constantly a creator of different pieces of original art using many mediums. A Treebaba, happy embersmith and pyro tattooist, Curious taxidermist experimenter, handy with a whittling knife …also the odd chainsaw.

Some of Jacks bigger past projects include ‘the wish fish’ for the Torbay coast and countryside trust installed in Cockington Country Park at the specially designed play park for disabled and able-bodied children.

The Grove in the Grove woodland, Churston. Torbay.
Working closely with students from Brixham community college, youth groups and conservation volunteers creating an Amphitheatre with carved pillars and tablets overlooked by nine carved faces keeping watch on a once much vandalised woodland. The local community staged many events here from theatre to all night dance parties until nature reclaimed the site.
Carved Eromacys, guardian of the quarry at Sharpham outdoors.
The ‘Respect’ Totem pole at Hele village, Torbay, commissioned by the Torbay youth offending team, inspired by young people who helped create this piece next to their skate park and BMX track. Also the colourful Fort Apache playground totem pole adjacent to the track.

Indigo’s land, Brixham, Jack has carved totem poles, chairs, benches, and mushroom seats, built tree houses, installed a giant swing. Help restore an ancient hedgerow and designed a ‘magical’ garden space built by the young people with help from other members from TRIBE OF MOG.

Jacks past involvement in Environmental Education has helped to encourage public imagination in Nature through woodland Art activities, always trying to promote natural Art with the Respect and Care of Trees as well as the wildlife that surrounds them.


When not being Nature boy, Activist, Artist, Arborist, Bush crafter, performing monkey and Storyteller. Jack is in love with his wife, Walks often, makes a fine shire hedgerow wine.

Still a competent martial artist and plays a jaw harp happily, didgeridoo and bass guitar occasionally, also synth-keyboards with various music collaborations and was Jahshaha bass of the digital dub corporation. Jahkbass with Monothy releasing a track called ‘The Stone Wardrobe’ which can be heard on the ‘Intuition’ compilation @ WITHIN RECORDS and with Deep space Organism called a track called ‘Seeing things @ WITHIN RECORDS